Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The Webbys have been announced

The Webbys are the way of knowing if you are winning at the intranet....


I have a strange feeling about this...

And yet another sign that there are no new ideas....

So we have yet another TV show being made into a major motion picture. I believe that is almost every popular show from the 80s to be in development/production/already shown. It's sad really, most of the shows were ok in thier time, but trying to relate them to an audience 20 years later is going to be difficult. "Starsky and Hutch" barely pulled it off and I think that was due to the actors more than the history of the show.

And cameos of the actors...

Do you really think that David "they love me in Germany" Hasselhoff will be a cameo? I don't...

Egads, I need to watch more foriegn films....


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Now I know where WA. State got the catch phrase 'Say WA!'

Nintendo has renamed thier new game system. 'Wii'...yes like 'we' or 'whee'...coincidence that Nintendo is based in WA?

Not very likely....


The Kids are alright...

A great article in Wired about the history of mind numbing, evil by the mass media. Or at least the hype caused by new forms of media...

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry....

According to CNN and Our Government, FEMA sucks. Really, the FEMA of the post September 11th attacks is not the same FEMA I dealt with in my journey as a FireFighter/E.M.T. in the 1990s. Once they were folded into the larger, pork filled, Department of Homeland Security it should have been seen as the beginnings of its death knell. FEMA was a wonderful organization that helped countless folks during the major hurricanes, earthquakes, and major storms I witnessed in my 10 years of Public Service. I worked closely with local officials in FEMA, and let me tell you, they knew their jobs.

It amazes me, that in the last year or so FEMA folks are finally seeing the demise of a once great Federal government department, whose sole job was to make sure the folks got the help they needed in time of crisis in a timely manor. But, the leaders of our great country have seen fit to spend that money elsewhere, (Iraq, Afghanistan, big Oil, little Oil, Special interests, etc)then to see that we are kept safe and secure when the time comes.

There is also a report in the Seattle PI stating that we in the Pacific NW will die a horrible death when we have our big earthquake. Why, because the money and the knowhow are not there anymore. This really makes me angry, that a simple and known thing like a big earthquake, will be the end of this great city, because there is little funding for emergency management!

Time to pack up and move to....


Friday, April 21, 2006

You know that Scene in 'Easy Rider'...

You know the one, where they are smoking weed? Apparently it's bad for you according to Uncle Sams Doctors. I know, they have been saying this for years and years, but I guess they need to make it official every 6 or 7 years (during a conservative Presidency no less). When are the Federalies going to realize that a natural grown medicine (marijuana) is prolly a bit safer than say something like Vioxx (which was approved by the FDA)? It blows my mind that something that can help folks and, at one time, was a true weed growing everywhere, is now more than 30 years later after it was found to be counter-productive to incarcerate users according to a US Study.

When will we as a free people learn that just because we put people in power over us that we infact ultimately control them?


*Side note: I haven't used any form of illegal drugs in a few years and even then it was only pot. But this contiunal attack on the users instead of education and treatment, really just bruns my hash.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Slimey Bastard Daily Scuttle

DeLay Pisses me off. Really, this and the whole Exxon retirement package dealie just kills any kinda buzz and enjoymentI have about writing.

I am eventually going to write my adventure to Disneyland, but it is going to be long and I'll prolly need to use word or something first.

Those dirty bastards...


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gimme a head with hair!

And make sure there are some brains in it. CNN brings of the story of a Georgia Peach that thinks she's even better then most to even think about talking to a Capitol Police Officer to tell them off for stopping them. Rep. McKinney (D-GA) decided to hit the Officer.

Look, she wasn't wearing her Official Pin, nor did the Officer recognize her, so the Officer did what he thought was right, tell her to stop. But apparently the Officer was a racist and not doing his job.

Somewhere Zsa Zsa is cheering....


Friday, March 10, 2006


I hate it and I know you hate it (unless you are one of the spammers). I don't know why I decided to tell you all about it, but it has been a few days since I've posted.

So it's snowing outside and all I have to say is 'bleh'. I'm heading to Disneyland in a month and I hope to God it is sunny and warm there!


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

But I'm not dead yet....

...Mardi Gras is upon us, and guess what? The media is making a big whoopie about it. I remember back when Katrina hit, they (the media) said there was no way the New Orleans (I won't use the N.O.LA. thingie..it scares me) would be able to pull itself together enough to get Bourbon Street ready, let alone actually being able to have multiple parades throughout the area. At times during the weeks afterwards I thought the same thing, but wow the city is pulling it off. Just pop over to CNN to watch it live. Or perhaps join in a local celebration and toast the city and people of New Orleans.

The picture at the top of CNNs page is stupid. Take it off, I hardly think that woman is actually there, and that does portray an old stereotype of Mardis Gras. I mean I know folks are getting drunk and showing thier tits for beads, but it is kinda insulting to those that made the effort to show the world that thier city will survive any problems, be it natural or man made.